Corporates Ride Made Easy

Dependable transportation for your employees. Simplified management of your Company. Everything your business needs to move around safely, fast and conveniently.

What is Trotte Corporates?

Trotte provides an on-demand transportation solution for corporate companies, for easier administration and expense management.




Reliable Rides
Get a reliable travel option for your business with Trotte and Trotte LUX.


Total Control
Set up rules and user department to manage your team’s access. Set your own ride terms, create cost centres, and control budget allocation. set the zones in which employees can book rides to and from.

Easy Management
Add and manage your employees with just a few clicks.


Best Pricing
Cover all transportation needs at a 10% flat commission of ride cost, only when you take the ride.

Easy Reports
Get a clear overview of your company’s transportation expenses instantly as a company and per employee – Anytime, anywhere.

Easy To Book A Ride
Easily define how your employees ride via an all-in-one dashboard, and the Trotte app does the rest.

Best Designed For Your Business.


Impress Your Customers
Order a car for your customers, partners or job candidates and cover the cost centrally. Increase customer satisfaction and hike your reputation.

Keep your employees satisfied by offering them additional company benefits. Loyal employees mean low staff turnover.

Night shifts
Bars, restaurants and hotels can help their employees commute home quickly and safely, so they can confidently stay as late as they need.

How To Get Started


Sign Up
Sign up with us and invite all your employees and team members.

Add Department & Policies
Add and assign users rights. Set the zones in which employees can book rides to and from

Start taking rides
Download the Trotte app, set your corporate account as your profile, and request a ride.

Trotte For Hotels

Take your customers where they need to go with Trotte

Trotte For Hotels lets you order rides for your clients, guests and customers—and eliminate the calls and the waiting.

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