Drive with Confidence

You deserve the best. Go wherever the opportunity is. Get there with support and technology that helps protect you and those around you.

Safer Experience

In-app features to keep you safe

The app is built with technology to help you stay connected to your loved ones and our team so you can go even further.

GPS Tracking

Trotte experience was built with safety in mind. We can track each and every trip on every turn you make. Get support to incase of anything using our Help Center feature on the driver app.

24/7 Support

Professionally trained incident response teams are available around the clock.



Your feedback matters to us. Low-rated trips data are logged, and users may be removed to protect the Trotte community.

Insurance Coverage You Can Count On

Trotte partners work with leading insurance providers to help protect every trip.

Strengthening Our Policy

Our policy guidelines help riders and drivers enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Any person who doesn’t follow the guidelines may be at risk of being removed from the platform for the safety of the entire Trotte community.

Tips For Smooth And Safer Pick-ups

Please always double-check all the details before rider step in, to ensure extra peace of mind right from the start.

Driver Safety
You can ask riders to confirm their name and your name too. You could ask, “Hi, are you (Can you please confirm your name)?” or “Can you please confirm my name? It should be displayed on your app.”

Rider Safety
Before the trip begins, riders are advised to check the car license plate number, make and model, as well as your driver photo and name.

Staying Focus When You’re Driving
The app helps you to keep on track, while you focus on driving.

Always find a safe place to pick up riders, remind them to buckle up. You can make a big difference in your safety and that of the people around you.

Note: Certain requirements and features may vary by region and may be unavailable.

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