Bujumbura is more than just a city. It’s a symbol of a cosmopolitan way of life, a life full of choices and opportunities. We believe that the drivers in Bujumbura deserve to have a choice of higher earnings while the passengers deserve a easier and smarter way to move around the city.

As of December 26, 2019, Trotte is live in Bujumbura.
Other ride-hailing app takes 25% commission. Trotte only takes 15%.

Drivers are the heart of Trotte and we always make sure to provide them fair earnings in every city we go to.

Trotte drivers pay only a 10% commission on completed trips. That is up to 50% less than what’s taken by competing platforms. Looking at the bigger picture, it increases the earnings by 10% in the long run.

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How much can you earn as a Trotte driver in Bujumbura?

Reasons to drive with Trotte in Bujumbura
One ride-hailing app charges more per trip. The other one charges less.

If drivers are the heart, then passengers are the soul of Trotte.

Convenient and affordable urban transportation should be affordable for everyone. This is why with Trotte, each passenger will save on average 5-10% on each trip. Trotte’s lower prices = more BIF in your pocket.
Safe and reliable for both sides

Also, all the drivers on Trotte’s platform have received training, ensuring that you’ll get the top-level service.

In case of questions, you can contact our customer service team 24/7 via the Trotte app.
Download the Trotte app and get -50% on your trips

To celebrate Trotte’s launch, the first 10 trips will be -50% for all the Trotters in Bujumbura. The discount amount can be up to 7000 BIF per trip. The discount period ends on 31 January 2020.

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